Why I Love Activated Charcoal


I recently discovered the trend of Activated charcoal.  As you all know one of my favorite YouTubers is Corinne from Thread Banger and she has been doing quite a few videos where she uses activated Charcoal.   So after quite some research, I found that there are many, many uses for Activated Charcoal.  I went to my local pharmacy, and surprisingly it does not cost an arm or a leg. Naturally one of the first things I started researching is Activated Charcoal and Fertility.


Activated Charcoal Lemonade   (Find Recipe Here)

I found this article on the  natural-holistic-health website.  Fiona Kacz-Boulton mentioned in her article that: “In the quest to create a healthy body that is fertility fit, eliminating and removing toxins is essential. On the plus side, detoxifying the body will also help to restore your health, improve brain function and help you to create the physical body you know you could have”

In a perfect world we would eat only pure, clean organic food, free of chemicals and toxins. However, life doesn’t always work like that. Whether you’re on holiday overseas, or at dinner with friends, there are times where it’s really difficult to eat clean.

She also says that “In these circumstances, rather than create unnecessary stress trying to control the situation, you can use activated charcoal to soak up the toxins you’ve been exposed to. Activated charcoal has been used in Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Ayuredic Medicine for up to 10,000 years as a means to soak up poisons and improve intestinal health.”

Bulletproof Exec and world renowned biohacker Dave Asprey says that he and his family take activated charcoal whenever they eat out at restaurants, noting that “The difference is dramatic. It often prevents you from feeling bloated and tired after eating a big restaurant meal. When I feel unusually moody or suddenly tired, activated charcoal helps me get back in the game within minutes.”

How to Use Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal can be used in the following circumstances:

  • When you’re feeling queasy, or as though you may have gastroenteritis
  • Take it when you’re going to eat out at a restaurant or when you’ve eaten processed food
  • In a medical emergency when you’ve been exposed to a poison
  • When drinking alcohol to help prevent the hangover
  • If you suddenly feel moody or tired
  • It can be helpful for relieving jetlag
  • During pregnancy to bind toxins
  • You can use it to whiten your teeth by applying some directly to your toothbrush
  • And use it as a cleansing face mask.



Now that I know all the ways activated charcoal can be used, I’ll definitely always keep some on hand for emergencies or just for the occasional teeth whitening and face mask.

Happy Detoxing!!







So today I celebrate Spring!  And this is why I have decided to make a whole post on some Spring ideas and trends I will be trying.

  1. Nails

Gone are the dark colours.  I love pastel colours in spring.  With different floral designs or even fruit and butterflies.  Let your imagination flow.


2.    Makeup

Pack away your winter makeup.  Spring brings a brighter, bolder, more vibrant change. This season it’s all about dewy skin, bright eyes, bold lips or, soft, glossy lips. The choice is yours.


3. Hairstyles.

In winter I always wear my hair down.  But this spring I will be turning to soft braids, messy up styles, and soft beachy waves. And let’s not forget the pretty hair accessories.


Happy Spring!!



It is no secret that I am always reading articles and doing my own little bit of “research” regarding infertility.  And let me tell you something 99 % of the articles I read mentions moderate  exercise or walking to increase my fertility.


Now I have changed a lot of habits in my quest to have baby nr2.  I have given up smoking and drinking, reduced my caffeine intake, and even changed certain eating habits.  But the one thing I battle with is to get some exercise.   I am going to be completely honest when I say, I am not the exercise type.  Yes I am LAZY!!  I do my yoga, but that’s as far as it goes.  For some reason it seems I just could not get my but out of the house and just walk!  uyhtgfdsa.jpg

Last month I started playing Pokemon GO. My husband joined in, and we love it!! But why?  What exactly is this hype about catching them all?  Suddenly we have this urge to walk around and explore, or going to parks for a “nice day out”.   Pokémon Go has turned walking around our neighborhood into a scavenger hunt.  Since last month we have walked almost 25km!!!  And it does not feel one bit like a dreaded task at all.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get walking!!





Its okay to cry.

The last week has been very tough on me.  Last week we found out that my son has ADD, and that he needs to go on medication to help him.  I walked out the psychologist office and burst into tears.  And the rest of this week I cried even more.  I felt sucker-punched.  Mainly because he is already 14, and he was coping quite alright in Primary School. I definitely did not expect him to have ADD.  My thoughts was that he has some form of exam stress or something different. But that is not the case.


So according to the Psychologist, she wants him to start on Ritalin immediately.  Obviously, I tried to find a more natural solution first.  Not wanting to medicate my child with a drug that many, many people question.  But according to her, he needs the Ritalin.  If the Ritalin does not work, she wants to send him for further testing to investigate that maybe he might have a different neurological problem.


I can not begin to explain how that feels to a mom.  Somehow hoping that your child has, in fact, ADD and that medicating him could work, and not a neurological problem.  So this week I have been reading a lot about ADD and ADHD.  I felt that I needed to educate myself more.  I can safely say that I need to learn much more.  There are so many articles.  And I feel like there is so much information out there.

I found this article called “OMG, I Just Found Out My Son Has ADHD”

In the article Penny Williams says:

Receiving an ADHD diagnosis is tough for a parent. While ADHD isn’t a terminal illness or a physical handicap, you have the right to be sad and grieve. You’ve been blindsided, and your pain is real and valid. You just found out that your child has a neurological disorder — that something didn’t go quite right when his brain was developing — and that entitles you to sorrow. If you weren’t upset about it, that would be something to worry about.

It’s natural to grieve when your child is diagnosed with any disability. Your world has changed — either your expectations have been shattered or you realize that chaos is here to stay. While it’s necessary to go through that period of grief, you have to move beyond it.

So take a little time to be sad, angry, scared, and heartbroken. Sit in a room alone for a couple of days. Take a bubble bath until you shrivel. Cry. Scream. Recoil. It’s OK, even healthy, to be irrational for a few moments as these feelings surface. Take a few days, maybe a week, to work through your feelings about your child having ADHD.

So with that.  I have decided to cry, scream, and let it all out!  Then become stronger.  Because I am a MOM, and I signed up for this job.  And I love my son with my whole heart.  And I am determined that I need to be there for my son when he needs me.  And we will not let this get us down.





Last week after many sessions with a Psychologist, my 14-year-old son got diagnosed with ADD.  He had been doing very badly in school.  It seemed that no matter how much he studied, he would still fail his tests and exams.  We went to see his teachers at school, and all his teachers mentioned that he drifts off, or daydreams.  He doesn’t give his full concentration.  Some teachers even mentioned that he would not remember work they just  taught 15 minutes prior.   Also over the last few months, his answer to a lot of things was I forgot.  He would forget to write down assignments, or homework.  He would forget to pack lunch.  He would loose books and stationary.   This is when we decided maybe we need to take him to see a psychologist  to investigate and test him on different levels.  She told us that she would be testing him for all areas that could be the cause for eg: whether he is dealing with exam stress or peer pressure or something different.


The diagnosis came as a huge shock to me.  This is all very new to me.  And for a few moments, I felt kind of lost.  I did not expect to hear my son has ADD.  So moving forward I have decided to take a break for a few weeks.  I will still be posting my articles, just not on a daily basis like I used to.  I want to take more time to educate myself about ADD in order to better understand and help my son in the long run. I just feel that as a mom I need to do everything in my power to help my son.   I might even consider blogging about this it in the future when I understand the condition more.




Quote of the week.

Today I have decided to take another angle on my weekly finds.  Some weeks I want to Inspire my followers with a quote for the week.

There are days when a person needs that extra push to not give up.  But to rather feel inspired and ready for the next hurdle.

So Today I will leave you with this weekly quote:




I have been wanting a bookcase for quite some time now.  But not some ordinary bookcase you can just buy from a furniture store.  No you see, I love all different crafts.  So I definitely want a DIY bookcase.  I have looked at a few options.  From turning old doors and dressers into bookcases to building bookcases from pallets.

Now, I Just have to make up my mind as to which bookcase I want.  And then I have to convince hubby to build me one.  EASY!!


Happy DIY-ING!!



Recently, I’ve been seeing A LOT of Hollywood A-listers posting photos of themselves to social media in sheet masks.  So when I received a goodie bag a few weeks ago  full of pampering creams and sheet masks from my friend Simonette in Korea.  You can definitely say I was excited!  Not only did I give them a try, but I also decided to learn more about what I was about to put on my face.


So a sheet mask is a piece of thin cotton cloth with eye and mouth holes cut in it that comes pre-soaked in facial serum.  They make you look  a bit creepy.  In actual fact the white one made me look like a serial killer for about 10-12 minutes.  I didn’t inform my husband what I was about to do and when he walked into the bedroom, he fell to the floor with laughter.  But hey!   They certainly give you softer glowing skin!


Make sure you apply the mask to a clean, dry face and once you peel it off, rub the excess serum into your skin for an extra moisturizing feel!  It’s so great because there is no mess to wash off afterwards.  You can just throw the mask away when you are done.   And have I mentioned that the masks smell absolutely amazing as well?  They do!


Overall I have to say, I love these masks and I give them 5 Stars!!




Yoga and Infertility

I am constantly researching natural ways to help with my infertility. Recently I found a post about Yoga Asanas, and soon after my world changed.

But what is Yoga Asanas?

Yoga poses create better blood flow to reproductive organs, in both man and woman.  Since stress can affect hormones as well, reducing your stress level is going to go a long way towards balancing your hormones too.

Soon after I found this new form of Yoga, I decided to start researching the benefits, and  whether it really works. And I found many other articles that claim Yoga helps with infertility.  According to these articles certain Yoga poses helps to:

 Reduce stress

Increase blood flow to the uterus.

Strengthening the immune system

And Improving ovarian function.

So today I will List Just a few of the poses that I have been doing. It’s simple to do even at home. And I have to admit I definitely enjoy my new Yoga Routine.

Lotus Pose


This pose is done by sitting on the floor with each of your feet resting on top of the opposite knee with the arms outstretched and hands resting lightly on the knees.  This is a calming meditating pose, that helps with lowering your blood pressure as well.

 Legs-On-The-Wall Pose


Not only is it a wonderful relaxer for your spine and hips, but the legs-on-the-wall pose utilizes gravity to help sperm towards their goal.  Feel free to stay in this position for as long as it is comfortable to do so.

 Supported Bridge Pose


By raising your body into a bridge formation, you allow for your pelvic region to open and expand – allowing your blood flow to be increased and stimulation to occur to the lower parts of your body

Cobra Pose


Lie flat on the ground on your stomach with your hands’ palm down on the floor below your shoulders and your feet top down on the floor.  This is one of the best-known yoga poses  The cobra pose  opens your lungs and chest area.  And  also increases blood flow into your pelvic and reproductive organs.

Butterfly Pose


In this pose, you put your feet together and then pull them in as close to your body as you can while keeping your back straight. Rest your hands on your feet and breathe deeply.

 Pelvic Tilt Pose


To do this, lie on your back on the floor. Put your feet on the floor at your sides.  Relax your shoulders and lengthen your neck.  Remember to breathe in and out. On the out breath lift your pelvis and point it towards the ceiling.


Now that you know the importance of fertility yoga, hope you will start practicing them soon. Happy practicing!!



Does baking really make you happier?


Does baking really make you happier? I usually bake over weekends. Especially when I have had a bad week and just need to distress.

Former Great British Bake-off winner John Whaite has been known to say that baking helps lift his depression, as it’s a way of channeling all the negative energy into creating something positive.



John Whaite


According to the  Wall Street Journal.  “Many cooks know what a sanctuary the kitchen can be. Now, some health-care clinics and counselors are using cooking or baking as therapy tools for people suffering from depression, anxiety and other mental-health problems”.

They say that “The courses are often partly aimed at teaching healthy cooking and eating skills to people living tough, chaotic lives. Counselors say the classes also soothe stress, build self-esteem and curb negative thinking by focusing the mind on following a recipe. Often the courses are part of a larger treatment plan that can also include talk therapy or medication”.

They also mention that “Psychologists are saying cooking and baking are pursuits that fit a type of therapy known as behavioral activation. The goal is to alleviate depression by boosting positive activity, increasing goal-oriented behavior and curbing procrastination and passivity”.

How does baking make you feel?