Super Amazing – Make Your Own Eyeshadow Primer At Home.

If you can remember a few months ago I posted about the amazing URBAN DECAY NAKED eyeshadows I received as a gift.  Now, before I never used an eyeshadow primer.  But when I started using this product along with the eye primer that was sent to me.  I had this huge aaaaah moment.  That’s when I realized exactly what eyeshadow primer does for your makeup routine.

So as I used my primer day after day.  I started to have mini panic attacks as I saw my product become less and less.  And soon I found myself off to every makeup shop in my area … in search of eyeshadow primer.  To my disappointment, I quickly realized how costly primers can be.  And for a girl on a budget I was crying on the inside.

Then I remember always seeing DIY makeup posts on Pinterest.  Before I would never take note of them as much, but it gave me an idea. This past weekend I thought to myself.  “I HAVE TO FIND A DIY PRIMER recipe.”  Now after searching and trying out multiple recipes, where I adjusted a bit here and there.   I came up with this combination.


First, let me just tell you. This home-made primer is just amazing!! I promise you. You will love it!  After applying this my eyeshadow is more vibrant and stays in place! I’m in love with this!!!

I mixed small amounts of foundation and coconut oil together and added in some baby powder till I got a thick consistency. The amount you use depends on your own preference. I would suggest to play around and find out what works best for you.  I found that when I keep the primer in the fridge it has a creamy waxy texture, which I prefer over the liquid texture.
So, before applying eye makeup, just apply a small amount of primer on your eyelid. Wait for it to dry and then apply your makeup.  This eye primer works as good as any other high-end primer. And if you are a budget conscious makeup girl like me, this is a must have.
Try this and do come back and tell me how much you love it!

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