Super Amazing – Make Your Own Eyeshadow Primer At Home.

If you can remember a few months ago I posted about the amazing URBAN DECAY NAKED eyeshadows I received as a gift.  Now, before I never used an eyeshadow primer.  But when I started using this product along with the eye primer that was sent to me.  I had this huge aaaaah moment.  That’s when I realized exactly what eyeshadow primer does for your makeup routine.

So as I used my primer day after day.  I started to have mini panic attacks as I saw my product become less and less.  And soon I found myself off to every makeup shop in my area … in search of eyeshadow primer.  To my disappointment, I quickly realized how costly primers can be.  And for a girl on a budget I was crying on the inside.

Then I remember always seeing DIY makeup posts on Pinterest.  Before I would never take note of them as much, but it gave me an idea. This past weekend I thought to myself.  “I HAVE TO FIND A DIY PRIMER recipe.”  Now after searching and trying out multiple recipes, where I adjusted a bit here and there.   I came up with this combination.


First, let me just tell you. This home-made primer is just amazing!! I promise you. You will love it!  After applying this my eyeshadow is more vibrant and stays in place! I’m in love with this!!!

I mixed small amounts of foundation and coconut oil together and added in some baby powder till I got a thick consistency. The amount you use depends on your own preference. I would suggest to play around and find out what works best for you.  I found that when I keep the primer in the fridge it has a creamy waxy texture, which I prefer over the liquid texture.
So, before applying eye makeup, just apply a small amount of primer on your eyelid. Wait for it to dry and then apply your makeup.  This eye primer works as good as any other high-end primer. And if you are a budget conscious makeup girl like me, this is a must have.
Try this and do come back and tell me how much you love it!


For the past few days, we have been experiencing extreme hot conditions.  And the fact that here in South Africa where we experience some of the hottest summers the weather channels have issued HEATWAVE warnings says a lot.

To make things worse we are experiencing one of the biggest droughts in 30 years!!

So just how do we keep cool in these extremely hot conditions?



Drink, drink, drink. Keep taking in water the whole day. Staying hydrated is key and it helps your body cool down. Alternatively, you can fill a bucket of water and stick your feet in there. It will cool you right down.

Foods that are known to reduce body heat.


Eat lighter portioned meals throughout the day, and eat them more often. Try not to cook in front of a hot oven.  Foods can account for around 20-30% of our fluid intake, and there are some that contain more water than others.

Rather opt for salads and fish, or fruits like:


Avoid using objects that heat up!


Avoid ovens, switching on main lights at night.  And try to stay away from using your hair dryer or straightener for those hot days.  I have opted to wear my hair high up in a nice sock bun which I feel keeps me a lot cooler.

Lastly, wear thin light clothing.  I live in my sundresses in summer.  They are airy and flowy and don’t tend to cling to my body. Stay out of the sun as much as possible.  And if you do go out to swim always remember the sunscreen.  And please don’t forget your animals.  They suffer as well.  Keep their water cool, and give them a cool place to relax.