As I have stated in previous posts. We are Halloween freaks.  We start planning our Halloween costumes months in advance.  In actual fact, we start planning our costume the day after.

This year we were super excited for Halloween as usual.  We dressed up my son as The ferryman. We made the lantern from cardboard, and battery operated tea-light candles.  I made the cape myself and we added the final small details eg: the skeleton gloves, and face paint.




My husband has an obsession with skulls and masks.  So we combined the two and came up with his costume this year.



And myself.  Well I wanted to be a witch.  I made the hat myself, and also the belt and lace cuffs.  I also made all the jewelery myself.


As you can see we had a fantastic Halloween.  And can’t wait to start planning next years costumes.

What did you dress up as this year?





It’s time to get your HALLOWEEN on!!!

So Halloween is Less than a month away. And it’s crunch time.  I have been doing a lot more research into my witch costume for this year.  And have decided that I want to attempt a more “Modern Witch” as to the normal “Halloweeny Witch” look.


To start off, I have bought a dress that will be perfect.  I have a hat that I have glammed up with flowers and tulle.

Now I am looking into wearing a lot of jewelry.  I have looked at some ideas.  I want to try to make most of the jewelry myself.


And after that, I will look at tons of makeup tutorials to get the right makeup look for the day.  I will definitely post the photos of my outfit on the day.

So until then…

Happy Costuming!!