This is the best Opinion I have read in a long time…Let’s share the crap out of this. Because we should all think like this.


I’ve stripped my moer for these blooming students now!

Hear ye! Hear ye! This is the most important paragraph of this whole piece:

The Government does not have any money! Not a single cent. It gets all its money from taxpayers! So when you are asking the ‘government’ for ‘Free’ education, you are asking ME, the taxpayer to pay for it. FREE education is as ‘free’ as Nkandla was ‘free.’ It’s not FREE if I am paying for it, poepol!

And if you are going to ask me to pay for your education, ask bloody nicely. The least you can do is stop breaking things, burning things and have a bad attitude about it. But what you cannot do is DEMAND. It is my money. It is your parents’ money. Your friends’. Your family’s. The government is already stealing my money in the form of tax, so I am not…

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We went to go see our house doctor last Friday regarding a prescription of Ritalin for my newly ADD diagnosed 14-year-old son.  To be very honest I was so nervous to give him Ritalin.  I have researched a lot about ADD/ADHD and different medicating options.  Most of the information scared me.  And many people have many different opinions.  So turns out our doctor does not want to prescribe the Ritalin just yet.  Instead, he prescribed Optimega. (Omega-3 fatty acid supplement) in combination with seeing a therapist, that will help with various therapy including speech therapy.


According to out doctor treatment for ADD/ADHD isn’t just about taking medication. There are many other effective treatments that can help kids with ADD/ADHD improve their ability to pay attention, control impulsive behavior, and curb hyperactivity. Nutritious meals, play and exercise, and learning better social skills are all part of a balanced treatment plan that can improve performance at school, improve your child’s relationships with others, and decrease stress and frustration.

So after we made a quick trip to the local pharmacy, and got some optimega.  The moment we got home, I felt the need to research this theory.  According to ADHD :


There are numerous studies showing that omega-3 fatty acids help lessen the symptoms of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Not all fats are bad fats. We need to eat fat daily, they are a part of the essential nutrients we must get in our diet to remain healthy, mentally and physically. A large part of our brains are fatty acids. It appears that children with ADD and ADHD tend to have lower values of omega-3 in relation to omega-6 than average. The result is a fatty acid deficiency or imbalance, specifically a lack of the omega-3 fatty acids DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), and an excess of the omega-6 fatty acid”

But what are OMEGA 3’s?  According to

Omega-3 fatty acids are fats that affect many bodily functions, from blood clotting to inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acids are nutrients that you can only get through certain foods. The human body does not produce these nutrients naturally.

There are three kinds of omega-3 fatty acids:

  • alpha-linoleic acid (ALA): found in oils, vegetables, and nuts
  • eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA): found mainly in fish
  • docosahexaenoic acid (DHA): found in fish and shellfish

So this will be the start of our journey.  To see if this will work or not.  Next on my list is to find a Remedial school for my son for next year.

This, however, is another topic and another issue I am facing on its own.








So I haven’t posted at all this week.  Life this week was just too much to handle.


My son is writing exams again.  And with his learning problems it just gets a lot.  I have to constantly check up on him.  Make sure he studies, and then hope he remembers everything the next day.  He went to a study course.  And luckily the new study techniques made things a bit easier. Friday we have an appointment to go see our house Doctor, and then hopefully we will get the prescription to see if the Ritalin will work successfully.  Otherwise, we are back to square one.  Oh, and did I mention we have to help JJ build a rocket for his math project?  Yeah, not my strongest department.  Then I broke a window.  Don’t even ask me how I did that.  All I’m going to say is when you are over tired, and grumpy.  Toss the shoe away from the window.  Lastly, life decided to throw a toothache at me – 2 weeks before payday, and a medical aid that is exhausted for the year.  (Thank you infertility!!) After 3 days of excruciating pain, and desperate I went to the pharmacy last night and I found this mouth rinse.  And this was my savior!!  My whole mouth is numb, and hopefully, this will keep me going till I get my ass to the dentist.



Anyway, all I wanted to say is….I’m still here.  I know I’ve been missing in action a bit.  But I will definitely make up for the absence in the weeks to follow.


Hopefully, life is done kicking me in the ass for now.


Enjoy the rest of your week!



Why I Love Activated Charcoal


I recently discovered the trend of Activated charcoal.  As you all know one of my favorite YouTubers is Corinne from Thread Banger and she has been doing quite a few videos where she uses activated Charcoal.   So after quite some research, I found that there are many, many uses for Activated Charcoal.  I went to my local pharmacy, and surprisingly it does not cost an arm or a leg. Naturally one of the first things I started researching is Activated Charcoal and Fertility.


Activated Charcoal Lemonade   (Find Recipe Here)

I found this article on the  natural-holistic-health website.  Fiona Kacz-Boulton mentioned in her article that: “In the quest to create a healthy body that is fertility fit, eliminating and removing toxins is essential. On the plus side, detoxifying the body will also help to restore your health, improve brain function and help you to create the physical body you know you could have”

In a perfect world we would eat only pure, clean organic food, free of chemicals and toxins. However, life doesn’t always work like that. Whether you’re on holiday overseas, or at dinner with friends, there are times where it’s really difficult to eat clean.

She also says that “In these circumstances, rather than create unnecessary stress trying to control the situation, you can use activated charcoal to soak up the toxins you’ve been exposed to. Activated charcoal has been used in Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Ayuredic Medicine for up to 10,000 years as a means to soak up poisons and improve intestinal health.”

Bulletproof Exec and world renowned biohacker Dave Asprey says that he and his family take activated charcoal whenever they eat out at restaurants, noting that “The difference is dramatic. It often prevents you from feeling bloated and tired after eating a big restaurant meal. When I feel unusually moody or suddenly tired, activated charcoal helps me get back in the game within minutes.”

How to Use Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal can be used in the following circumstances:

  • When you’re feeling queasy, or as though you may have gastroenteritis
  • Take it when you’re going to eat out at a restaurant or when you’ve eaten processed food
  • In a medical emergency when you’ve been exposed to a poison
  • When drinking alcohol to help prevent the hangover
  • If you suddenly feel moody or tired
  • It can be helpful for relieving jetlag
  • During pregnancy to bind toxins
  • You can use it to whiten your teeth by applying some directly to your toothbrush
  • And use it as a cleansing face mask.



Now that I know all the ways activated charcoal can be used, I’ll definitely always keep some on hand for emergencies or just for the occasional teeth whitening and face mask.

Happy Detoxing!!






So today I celebrate Spring!  And this is why I have decided to make a whole post on some Spring ideas and trends I will be trying.

  1. Nails

Gone are the dark colours.  I love pastel colours in spring.  With different floral designs or even fruit and butterflies.  Let your imagination flow.


2.    Makeup

Pack away your winter makeup.  Spring brings a brighter, bolder, more vibrant change. This season it’s all about dewy skin, bright eyes, bold lips or, soft, glossy lips. The choice is yours.


3. Hairstyles.

In winter I always wear my hair down.  But this spring I will be turning to soft braids, messy up styles, and soft beachy waves. And let’s not forget the pretty hair accessories.


Happy Spring!!