Last week after many sessions with a Psychologist, my 14-year-old son got diagnosed with ADD.  He had been doing very badly in school.  It seemed that no matter how much he studied, he would still fail his tests and exams.  We went to see his teachers at school, and all his teachers mentioned that he drifts off, or daydreams.  He doesn’t give his full concentration.  Some teachers even mentioned that he would not remember work they just  taught 15 minutes prior.   Also over the last few months, his answer to a lot of things was I forgot.  He would forget to write down assignments, or homework.  He would forget to pack lunch.  He would loose books and stationary.   This is when we decided maybe we need to take him to see a psychologist  to investigate and test him on different levels.  She told us that she would be testing him for all areas that could be the cause for eg: whether he is dealing with exam stress or peer pressure or something different.


The diagnosis came as a huge shock to me.  This is all very new to me.  And for a few moments, I felt kind of lost.  I did not expect to hear my son has ADD.  So moving forward I have decided to take a break for a few weeks.  I will still be posting my articles, just not on a daily basis like I used to.  I want to take more time to educate myself about ADD in order to better understand and help my son in the long run. I just feel that as a mom I need to do everything in my power to help my son.   I might even consider blogging about this it in the future when I understand the condition more.





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