I’m not really  the type of person that follows trends.  But when it comes to the latest makeup looks, I like to stay on top of what’s happening right now because I like to pray around and experiment with different looks.

Clumpy Lashes and Faux Freckles


There was a ’70s revival on the spring runways. I have seen a few tutorials on how to create faux freckles.  And let’s face it, every mascara ad claims to give fuller lashes than the next.  If you are naturally blessed with freckles, consider yourself lucky.  I, however, personally don’t think I will be rushing to fake the freckle anytime soon.

Red Lips – Nothing Else


Classic red is back in a big way, but it looks much cooler against bare skin.  This for me is great because I have always loved a red lip, and to keep the rest of your makeup minimal, is a quick on the go look.  I also got this amazing red lip stain from a friend in Korea.  This stuff is amazing.

Silver Shadow


Our obsession with all things metallic includes silver.  This is my favorite night-time bold look.  Define the creases of your eyes with a matte nude shadow that’s a shade darker than your natural skin tone. Now you’re ready to add in with the silver.  I love silver shadow with a lot of sparkles.  A nice trick I learned is to dampen your brush for an extra sparkly effect. To finish off  this look go back with your black pencil and line the outer half of your top and bottom lashes.

Glossy Black-Cherry Lips



Black-cherry lipstick is sexy badass and a little bit naughty (in a good way). I recommend a stay fast lipstick because we want this look to stay bold all day long.  I love using Just Bitten by Revlon in the colour twilight.  It gives a dark Cherry colour and lasts a very long time.

Champagne Shadow


Forget the complete contouring ritual: Gigi Hadid’s entire makeup look is based on strategic highlights.  Keep your skin fresh, and c

Conceal any imperfections and under-eye circles. On the eyes, define the crease with a matte nude shadow about one shade darker than your skin tone. Then brush a champagne-colored shadow all over the inner half of your eyes—so around the inner corners, up over the crease, and on the lids. Complete the glowy look with a rose gold lip gloss.

 Happy Tending!!




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