Why I stopped wearing high heels.

The perfect, pointy pair of heels can make any outfit, but with this style comes much suffering. High heels have the stigma of being bad for health and comfort, but this barely stops women from wearing them occasionally and often daily. 
I personally decided to stop wearing heels approximately 3 years ago. The only reason I stopped wearing heels was simple, I get foot pain after only an hour of wearing heels.  So I made the decision to not wear a pair of stiletto’s every day.  Please don’t get me wrong. I love a stunning pair of heels. And I still own a decent amount of heels, but the only time I step out in a pair would be for really special occasions.
 If you have ever worn stilettos, you know how painful they can be.    But have you ever thought how high heels impact your body beyond just making you wanna sit down? Here’s how they affect different parts of your body—and why that’s something you might not want to stand for anymore:


So in future,  maybe consider either alternating your footwear by wearing flats every other day or if you are brave enough… kick the heel to the curb permanently.




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