New York-New York (My dream vacation)

I have always had this desire to go to New York.  People always ask my why.  My answer is easy.  I don’t want to go to a beach vacation and just lie around getting a tan.  I want to experience New York fashion, shopping, cuisine, the art, and especially the architecture.  New York has so much to offer. For shopping, my choice would be Fifth Avenue even if I just get to window shop.  Next on my list would be the New York botanical garden, Central Park and obviously Central Park Zoo.  I want to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, and visit the Empire state building, and lets not forget The Statue of Liberty.


Then I would like to visit Times Square, and I think If I could do this on New Year it would be even better.  Drink some Starbucks and  I would like to tour the Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory.  I would indulge in the food, from Guy Fieri’s restaurant (Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar) to the local street food.

So where is your dream vacation destination?



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