Fashion Trends that I will NOT be following in 2016

I don’t see myself as the biggest fashionista around.  But every now and then I get stuck in a few trends…Remember those horrible Spice Girl shoes back in the 90’s?  Guilty!!

I think it is safe to say that most trends come and go.  Some however comes back as “vintage” or “RETRO”.  Today I will list trends that I will NOT be following this year.  And lets just hope they don’t resurface in future either.

Sandals with Socks.


Beautiful sandals getting spoiled by socks.  In my opinion socks are for closed shoes.  End of discussion.

Colorful fur coats.



Lets be clear.  I am against wearing fur.  Even if it is fake fur.  I don’t want a coat made out of a fox or a wolf.  I also don’t want to wear a pink fox or a purple wolf.  Wearing colorful fur is just stupid.

Wearing pajamas out in public.


OK so thanks to Selena Gomez, who was too lazy to change out of her pajamas into everyday clothing.  We are now stuck with this trend.  I don’t buy ridiculously expensive pajamas that could “double as work-wear” so this for me is a no go zone.

Bubble Nails.


How do you even manage to do anything in these?  Also how to you get them off without ruining you own nails for life when you finally decide the trend is “not so great”?

Glitter roots.


This looks to me like you have sparkly dandruff.  So unless you actually have dandruff, and want to use this “creative idea” to hide them.  Just don’t do it.  This advice coming from a self-confessed glitter addict.   JUST A SPRINKLE OF GLITTER.  (I have linked a previous post explaining my glitter addiction.)

Colorful Armpit Hair.


First you decide to grow your armpit hair, then decide to color code to your amazing blue hair.  I find this gross and unhygienic.



Would you consider following any of these?



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