How have I changed in the last few years.

No matter how old people are, they seem to believe that who they are today is essentially who they’ll be tomorrow – Nell Greenfieldboyce

Today is post 27 in my 30 day challenge.  So I took a photo of myself, and compared it with an older photo of myself.  Just to see how much I have changed in the past few years.


First thing I noticed was that my hair is much shorter, and much lighter now.  I think this is a good change, because my complexion looks better with the lighter hair, but I am definitely on the path to grow my hair long again.  This however is a long painful process.  I have also noticed that the way I wear make up have changed.  I don’t apply the heavy black eyeliner under my eyes anymore.  I think this makes my appearance fresher and not so overdone.  Although I still wear a top liner on my lids.  Lastly I have noticed that I got rid of my nose ring.  There was a time where I thought I would never take out my nose ring.  Today I honestly feel I look better without it.

I suppose looking back, today I feel more mature.  More put together.  I wear what makes me feel comfortable, and not what is in fashion at the very given moment.


How have you changed over the years?








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