Why I started my blog on WordPress..

In my short life, I have taken up and dropped a lot hobbies. I’ve designed Jewellery . I’ve experimented with drawing and painting. And as we all know I love baking.  So why did I take up blogging?

About a month ago my friend Simonette Lubbe suggested I start blogging about my baking.  The idea didn’t really tickle my fancy at first. But I mentioned her idea to my husband.  His reaction was “Why don’t you? I love your baking!!”  We discussed my options on what platform to use and how to get this blog off the ground, and Simonette suggested WordPress.  Obviously I had to go research a bit on what other blogging sites offer you.  But soon realized that WordPress would be the easiest for me to use.


Very soon after starting I realized that I can’t just blog about my baking.  There is so many topics I can write about.  Blogging started teaching me that its okay to express my feelings.  Blogging helps me grow my thinking muscles, helps me learn to voice my opinions. And because you need to think about what you type out in your blog posts, you spend a lot of time reflecting and researching.

Blogging is a lot of work!  More than I ever thought.  Not only do you create the content, you are also taking pictures, editing pictures, socializing on social media, etc.  However, I absolutely love it!   I love the fact that I am “helping people”.  It could be with a recipe, a hairstyle, or a DO IT YOURSELF project.  And that is why I love blogging.



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