Who or what inspires me?

This question actually made me stop….and think….for a very long time.

Then I thought to myself.  What is the definition of inspire? According to the dictionary inspire is “to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence.”  I never wrote a novel because of something my mother said or did to push me in that direction.  I was never driven to compose a song because my husband filled me with an exalting influence.  I do look up to my mother, for being the strong loving person she is.  And I am influenced by my husband, for being such an amazing caring husband.  But to me that is completely different to inspiration.


So being asked this question , I would say that I am inspired more by feelings and events than by any single person.  I am inspired by beautiful sunsets, overgrown canopies, and the process of childbirth.  I get inspired by the feelings of loss I experienced when my cousin suddenly passed away from cancer, or by the memory of the first time I saw my newborn son’s face… and joy the day I married my best friend…





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