Something you’re proud of in the past few days.

So today is day 9 in my blog challenge.  And I am writing about something I am proud of in the last few days.  I could start this off by saying I’m most proud of this blog.  And how I try to make the most of every article that I write. We all know that I am not the most experienced writer and that my writing is more of a hobby. But yet I sit every day, for a good few hours and carefully plan every post. Because I am determined to make the best out of my blog. Because I want to be a good example to my son of how hard work will equal success.


There is this quote that says “There will be obstacles.  There will be doubters.  There will be mistakes.  But with hard work, there are no limits” With that said, I feel that I need to rather write about someone that I am proud of in the last few days, instead of something.  I became a mother at the very young age of 18.  That’s why at the age of 32 my son is 14 years old.  And yes he has started his first year in High School.  This I must add, has made me feel very, very old.  The first term for my son did not go so well.  He was so overwhelmed with his new surroundings. And to top it off he DOES NOT LIKE TO STUDY ONE BIT.


But after a lot of fighting, and crying and motivation and some more fighting. I can honestly say, he did put in a lot of effort with this exam

So all I want to say is…I am proud of you my son.


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