A habbit you wish you didn’t have..

Today I am writing about a habit I wish I didn’t have..2 years ago I would have told you…I wish I did not smoke…But I quit that habit, and  have not felt better.Then I suppose I could say I wish I did not drink … But I also gave that up.  Maybe drinking too much coffee?  Nope I’ve cut down from 8+ cups of coffee and I am down to 2 a day.


So then what habits do I have?  Sure I forget to switch a light off when I leave the room.(And this drives hubby absolutely crazy.)  I like to press the snooze button, more than once, and then blame everyone else when I am late.  I complain too much about my husbands driving. But these are small habits.  What made me give up cigarettes? Give up alcohol?  Or drink less coffee?


Research shows that it takes 30 days to form a pattern and about 90 days to form a habit. I’ve been trying to get pregnant for 5 plus years with baby Nr2. I obsess over my secondary infertility. I have a board on Pinterest about infertility and how to get pregnant.  I have followed everyone’s advice.  Including not trying so hard (but only for a month or two)  I have changed my diet multiple times over. Give up this, give up that.  Eat more of this and less of that.  And its a battle I struggle with daily.

So I think I’ve just answered the question I started out asking. I guess the answer is that I will probably never break the habit of constantly trying to fall pregnant….until hopefully one day I will actually fall pregnant.



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