A picture of my animals…

It’s no secret that I am a crazy cat lady in the making…That’s why today’s post must be the easiest post I have ever written….ever.  Today I am supposed to just post a picture of my animals.  That was not possible.  You see I have the most adorable amazingly wonderful two cats any girl could want.  How do you just post ONE picture??

Therefore I have decided to make, and post a collage of each of my cats.  With a little story on how they make my life extra special.

Collage Harley

We adopted Harley about 2 and a half years ago.  He was named after … yes you guessed it, a Harley Davidson.  When we went to go get him, he could not stop purring…the loudest purr you have heard from a teeny tiny kitten.  He was so playful, and made himself at home straight away.  He is such a joy…my husband calls him voetjies (feet in Afrikaans) because he loves to climb in the bath and leave tiny footprints all over the bath. He is not the most social cat towards strangers, but towards us he is just simply amazing.  He wakes me up every morning for food and then cuddles with my husband afterwards…very sneaky.

Collage Gizmo.jpg

We adopted Gizmo 4 Months ago.   We had just moved into a new apartment, and decided to give Harley a little friend.  Initially we wanted to get a girl kitten, but this little one just stole our hearts from the minute we saw him.  It was such a battle to name him…but he is a very naughty kitten…always up to mischief, and soon we decided to call him Gizmo. Yes you guessed it, after the gremlin.  The first week was a bit hard.  Harley was not used to having a new friend in the house.  But soon he realized that playing together was so much fun.  And today I can definitely say they are best friends.  Gizmo is a very social cat.  He loves attention from just about anybody, and will definitely headbutt you for love and attention.

I can definitely say these two are our babies.  They give us so much love, and in return we make their lives as amazing as we possibly can.  And I will not trade my furry babies for anything in this world….





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