The meaning behind my blog name.

“What’s in a Name?”

“Everything”, we say.

Your blog name is the first thing visitors will notice when they hear about your blog.

And as they say… the first impression is the last impression.

I have always been “obsessed” with being a good wife.  I love when my husband compliments me on my cooking, or when I look nice.  It took me quite a while to find my blog name.  I wanted it to me quirky and catchy.  And I have always liked the 50’s house wife idea.


So why not have a blog about a young wife in this modern fast passed world.  Learning how to cook, and still work and look nice from time to time. And that is how my blog name came about..

I chose popcorn to resemble my love for cooking and food. And polka dots reminds me of a 50’s house wife.  With a polka dot apron….Therefore simply…Polka-dots&Popcorn




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