What defines comfort food?

Winter is time for comfort, For good food, and warmth..

It’s that time of the year.  Winter.  Well at least it is my side of the world… And even though I only get to experience 3 months of frosty air (with no snow) every year. It is still time for warm loving comfort food.




So what is your idea of comfort food?  Is it perhaps braised beef, slow cooked until it falls apart, with simple mushrooms and some onions and lots of garlic? Or a warm Macaroni and cheese… Perfectly cooked pasta coated in a rich, velvety cheese sauce, with a light crunchy topping.


To me, comfort food is something that makes me smile when I eat it, it makes me feel like a warm blanket is wrapped around me. Comfort food can relax me when I’m wound up, or make me feel better when I’m sad. It’s something I can savor in smell, taste and texture.


Most comfort foods stem from memories of eating them with my family, like my Grandmothers bean soup for instance, I think of my family, because the recipe has been passed down through the generations.

But what ever your idea of comfort food is…Just remember the quote from Ina Garten “Food is not about impressing people…its about making them feel comfortable.”


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