So I have a teeny tiny confession to makeI AM ADDICTED TO GLITTER…

About two months ago, I started planning my sisters baby shower.  And obviously decided to bake the cupcakes myself.  So I bought PINK EDIBLE GLITTER and made the most gorgeous Pink Glittered Cupcakes I have ever created. The day was beautiful. Everything was pink and glittery. Because that’s how you plan a baby shower..especially when your welcoming a little princess into your life.


But after that day passed I just could not let go of the pink glitter… I soon realized that EVERYTHING I baked ended up with a splash of PINK GLITTER. I give you EXHIBIT A.  The beautiful rainbow swirl cake recipe I found on Pinterest, which by the way was supposed to look like this…



But instead ended up looking like this….


And then Exhibit B..and C.. the Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Cupcakes I tried to make….Collage2.jpg

It’s official…the glitter was everywhere. I was sprinkling it on everything I baked.  I joked around with my husband telling him that he was going to be pooping glitter for months.  But even with all the glittery deliciousness, every time I bake…my husband and my son and the rest of my family just cant resist my baking.


My God-Daughter (the little lady that “jump started” my Glitter Addiction) was born 12 April 2016.  Welcome to the world Little Amy-Lee.





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