Where theres a whisk, theres a way…

“If you’re  not ready to fail, you’re  not going to learn how to cook.”  I only learned the true meaning of that quote after I got married.  According to my mother the only thing I could cook was Spaghetti. She also did not  hesitate to tell my husband  just that before we got married.   Luckily for me, my husband loves Pasta …a lot.



But lets face it, we couldn’t eat Pasta every day.  I started collecting cookbooks.  But the recipes were limited, and very complicated. What exactly did I know about basting and braising?  Then one day a friend introduced me to Pinterest and I was HOOKED.  One of the very first boards I made was a cooking board.

And now here I am…almost 3 years later.  And thanks to my very loving, and very patient Pinterest-recipe-testing  husband, I now know how to make a few more things apart from Pasta.  But I am far from the “baking queen” my husband makes me out to be.

So join me on my journey.  My fails, and my wins.  Because let’s be honest it’s not always as easy as it looks….





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