The first time I saw the Silisponge…I WAS AMAZED!  Especially because Molly Cosmetics claim that “Wasting products is history now cos, of course, it doesn’t soak up a thing!”  I always freak out about the high cost of a good foundation.  And then your beauty blender or make up brush soaks up half of the product!!!  Eventually I started applying foundation with my fingers, and to finish off the look I would blend out the product with my brush.  But I realized that the finish was not so fantastic.  That’s why I simply had to have the Silisponge!!  For weeks I obsessed over this product.  I started searching high and low – every make up shop I could find.  Until one afternoon I managed to get hold of one.


First of all let me just say that I was so surprised by the texture of this.  What I found was that the Silisponge texture looks like a silicone cushion or gel pad that you put in your shoes for a night out. I also wasn’t sure what side to use at first.  I decided to watch a few tutorials on how to use my new Silisponge.  And immediately after decided to give it a try.


My first time using the Silisponge was very awkward.  It felt extremely weird to use.  But I was so happy with how little foundation I was using that it was worth every penny.  I practiced every day, and found a nice routine that works for me.  I have to say blending out my foundation is a bit tricky.  But finishing off with a brush gives me a nice flawless finish.  And as Molly Cosmetics promised…”cleaning THIS APPLICATOR will literally take no more effort than rubbing it with a little soap and rinsing with some luke warm water.”

Overall I give my Silisponge the two thumbs up.   Have you tried the Silisponge?  Whats your thoughts?




TRENDING MAKE-UP BRUSHES: To buy or not to buy…

I adore make-up. But I have to admit…it’s a fairly new love of mine, one that I never expected to have, because I never had a fondness to it before. But now, I can’t imagine life without these beautiful looking products. In the past year, I have developed a collection that I am proud of even though it still might seem small to a few people, from lipsticks to eyeliner to mascara. And experimenting with new make-up looks is something I really enjoy.  I indulge in YouTube videos on a daily basis.  Plus, it’s almost physically impossible for me to walk out of a make-up store without purchasing something.


Lately I have discovered a whole new world of trending makeup Brushes. Now don’t get me wrong.  I have a wonderful set, top of the line makeup brushes. I received them as a gift a few years ago from a friend in Korea. But lately I have been obsessing over the newest trends in Make-Up Brushes.



Choosing a beauty product is like choosing a doughnut—they all look so good!  Amazon sells 93,105 kinds of make-up brushes. I know this because I recently spent an entire week trying to choose a set. Eventually after having read countless contradictory reviews and pondering far too many choices, I felt grumpy and tired and simply gave up…for now.


I know eventually I will make a choice. And hopefully I will be happy and content with my choice.  What make up brushes do you love?



A Romantic Surprise…

Could anybody help me? I’m working on what I think would be the most romantic project I have attempted.   For my upcoming anniversary, I’m collecting photos from all over the world with a note that says Jason, Bianca’s love for you is so great it has reached (add where you are from)

For example


….. Anyone willing to help out?

Send me a message and I can supply my facebook for a private message or skype perhaps?



Super Amazing – Make Your Own Eyeshadow Primer At Home.

If you can remember a few months ago I posted about the amazing URBAN DECAY NAKED eyeshadows I received as a gift.  Now, before I never used an eyeshadow primer.  But when I started using this product along with the eye primer that was sent to me.  I had this huge aaaaah moment.  That’s when I realized exactly what eyeshadow primer does for your makeup routine.

So as I used my primer day after day.  I started to have mini panic attacks as I saw my product become less and less.  And soon I found myself off to every makeup shop in my area … in search of eyeshadow primer.  To my disappointment, I quickly realized how costly primers can be.  And for a girl on a budget I was crying on the inside.

Then I remember always seeing DIY makeup posts on Pinterest.  Before I would never take note of them as much, but it gave me an idea. This past weekend I thought to myself.  “I HAVE TO FIND A DIY PRIMER recipe.”  Now after searching and trying out multiple recipes, where I adjusted a bit here and there.   I came up with this combination.


First, let me just tell you. This home-made primer is just amazing!! I promise you. You will love it!  After applying this my eyeshadow is more vibrant and stays in place! I’m in love with this!!!

I mixed small amounts of foundation and coconut oil together and added in some baby powder till I got a thick consistency. The amount you use depends on your own preference. I would suggest to play around and find out what works best for you.  I found that when I keep the primer in the fridge it has a creamy waxy texture, which I prefer over the liquid texture.
So, before applying eye makeup, just apply a small amount of primer on your eyelid. Wait for it to dry and then apply your makeup.  This eye primer works as good as any other high-end primer. And if you are a budget conscious makeup girl like me, this is a must have.
Try this and do come back and tell me how much you love it!


For the past few days, we have been experiencing extreme hot conditions.  And the fact that here in South Africa where we experience some of the hottest summers the weather channels have issued HEATWAVE warnings says a lot.

To make things worse we are experiencing one of the biggest droughts in 30 years!!

So just how do we keep cool in these extremely hot conditions?



Drink, drink, drink. Keep taking in water the whole day. Staying hydrated is key and it helps your body cool down. Alternatively, you can fill a bucket of water and stick your feet in there. It will cool you right down.

Foods that are known to reduce body heat.


Eat lighter portioned meals throughout the day, and eat them more often. Try not to cook in front of a hot oven.  Foods can account for around 20-30% of our fluid intake, and there are some that contain more water than others.

Rather opt for salads and fish, or fruits like:


Avoid using objects that heat up!


Avoid ovens, switching on main lights at night.  And try to stay away from using your hair dryer or straightener for those hot days.  I have opted to wear my hair high up in a nice sock bun which I feel keeps me a lot cooler.

Lastly, wear thin light clothing.  I live in my sundresses in summer.  They are airy and flowy and don’t tend to cling to my body. Stay out of the sun as much as possible.  And if you do go out to swim always remember the sunscreen.  And please don’t forget your animals.  They suffer as well.  Keep their water cool, and give them a cool place to relax.






As I have stated in previous posts. We are Halloween freaks.  We start planning our Halloween costumes months in advance.  In actual fact, we start planning our costume the day after.

This year we were super excited for Halloween as usual.  We dressed up my son as The ferryman. We made the lantern from cardboard, and battery operated tea-light candles.  I made the cape myself and we added the final small details eg: the skeleton gloves, and face paint.




My husband has an obsession with skulls and masks.  So we combined the two and came up with his costume this year.



And myself.  Well I wanted to be a witch.  I made the hat myself, and also the belt and lace cuffs.  I also made all the jewelery myself.


As you can see we had a fantastic Halloween.  And can’t wait to start planning next years costumes.

What did you dress up as this year?




It’s time to get your HALLOWEEN on!!!

So Halloween is Less than a month away. And it’s crunch time.  I have been doing a lot more research into my witch costume for this year.  And have decided that I want to attempt a more “Modern Witch” as to the normal “Halloweeny Witch” look.


To start off, I have bought a dress that will be perfect.  I have a hat that I have glammed up with flowers and tulle.

Now I am looking into wearing a lot of jewelry.  I have looked at some ideas.  I want to try to make most of the jewelry myself.


And after that, I will look at tons of makeup tutorials to get the right makeup look for the day.  I will definitely post the photos of my outfit on the day.

So until then…

Happy Costuming!!





This is the best Opinion I have read in a long time…Let’s share the crap out of this. Because we should all think like this.


I’ve stripped my moer for these blooming students now!

Hear ye! Hear ye! This is the most important paragraph of this whole piece:

The Government does not have any money! Not a single cent. It gets all its money from taxpayers! So when you are asking the ‘government’ for ‘Free’ education, you are asking ME, the taxpayer to pay for it. FREE education is as ‘free’ as Nkandla was ‘free.’ It’s not FREE if I am paying for it, poepol!

And if you are going to ask me to pay for your education, ask bloody nicely. The least you can do is stop breaking things, burning things and have a bad attitude about it. But what you cannot do is DEMAND. It is my money. It is your parents’ money. Your friends’. Your family’s. The government is already stealing my money in the form of tax, so I am not…

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We went to go see our house doctor last Friday regarding a prescription of Ritalin for my newly ADD diagnosed 14-year-old son.  To be very honest I was so nervous to give him Ritalin.  I have researched a lot about ADD/ADHD and different medicating options.  Most of the information scared me.  And many people have many different opinions.  So turns out our doctor does not want to prescribe the Ritalin just yet.  Instead, he prescribed Optimega. (Omega-3 fatty acid supplement) in combination with seeing a therapist, that will help with various therapy including speech therapy.


According to out doctor treatment for ADD/ADHD isn’t just about taking medication. There are many other effective treatments that can help kids with ADD/ADHD improve their ability to pay attention, control impulsive behavior, and curb hyperactivity. Nutritious meals, play and exercise, and learning better social skills are all part of a balanced treatment plan that can improve performance at school, improve your child’s relationships with others, and decrease stress and frustration.

So after we made a quick trip to the local pharmacy, and got some optimega.  The moment we got home, I felt the need to research this theory.  According to ADHD health.com :


There are numerous studies showing that omega-3 fatty acids help lessen the symptoms of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Not all fats are bad fats. We need to eat fat daily, they are a part of the essential nutrients we must get in our diet to remain healthy, mentally and physically. A large part of our brains are fatty acids. It appears that children with ADD and ADHD tend to have lower values of omega-3 in relation to omega-6 than average. The result is a fatty acid deficiency or imbalance, specifically a lack of the omega-3 fatty acids DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), and an excess of the omega-6 fatty acid”

But what are OMEGA 3’s?  According to Healthline.com:

Omega-3 fatty acids are fats that affect many bodily functions, from blood clotting to inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acids are nutrients that you can only get through certain foods. The human body does not produce these nutrients naturally.

There are three kinds of omega-3 fatty acids:

  • alpha-linoleic acid (ALA): found in oils, vegetables, and nuts
  • eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA): found mainly in fish
  • docosahexaenoic acid (DHA): found in fish and shellfish

So this will be the start of our journey.  To see if this will work or not.  Next on my list is to find a Remedial school for my son for next year.

This, however, is another topic and another issue I am facing on its own.








So I haven’t posted at all this week.  Life this week was just too much to handle.


My son is writing exams again.  And with his learning problems it just gets a lot.  I have to constantly check up on him.  Make sure he studies, and then hope he remembers everything the next day.  He went to a study course.  And luckily the new study techniques made things a bit easier. Friday we have an appointment to go see our house Doctor, and then hopefully we will get the prescription to see if the Ritalin will work successfully.  Otherwise, we are back to square one.  Oh, and did I mention we have to help JJ build a rocket for his math project?  Yeah, not my strongest department.  Then I broke a window.  Don’t even ask me how I did that.  All I’m going to say is when you are over tired, and grumpy.  Toss the shoe away from the window.  Lastly, life decided to throw a toothache at me – 2 weeks before payday, and a medical aid that is exhausted for the year.  (Thank you infertility!!) After 3 days of excruciating pain, and desperate I went to the pharmacy last night and I found this mouth rinse.  And this was my savior!!  My whole mouth is numb, and hopefully, this will keep me going till I get my ass to the dentist.



Anyway, all I wanted to say is….I’m still here.  I know I’ve been missing in action a bit.  But I will definitely make up for the absence in the weeks to follow.


Hopefully, life is done kicking me in the ass for now.


Enjoy the rest of your week!